A great way to discover new comics

If you like webcomics as much as I do, then you'll love a website I discovered called "Just the First Frame". The site is maintained by a very dedicated gentleman by the name of Henry Kuo who MANUALLY crops the first frame from HUNDREDS of webcomics. The result is that you can browse new updates for all sorts of comics by their art style, not just by the title of the comic. This lets you make a visual decision of whether or not the comic appeals to you.

Visit the site

Other comics I like to read

These are some of my favourite webcomics to read. I'll add more as I discover them.

Bug Martini

This is an awesomely funny 4-panel comic that posts every weekday by Adam Huber. He literally has me laughing out loud almost everyday and on every panel.

Savage Chickens

Savage Chickens is a gag-a-day comic drawn on post-it notes by Doug Savage, and normally include drawings of his cute chickens. Doug has an enormous archive going back about 9 years!


Chainsawsuit is a simply drawn gag-a-day strip filled with random funniness drawn by the extremely humorous human Chris Straub. Sometimes the comments in his blog are funnier than the strip.

Flatt Bear

Flatt Bear is a witty comic drawn by P.J. Day about a bear who, due to a mixup in paperwork, is accidentally entered into the WITNESS protection program instead of the ANIMAL protection program.


Chris Hallbeck might just be the most prolific webcartoonist on the internet right now. Not only does he draw Maximumble (my favourite of his strips) but he also draws a single panel version called Minimumble and another strip called The Book of Biff. All of them are super funny, off-the-wall comics.


Wondermark is a wonderfully quirky comic strip by David Malki! (yes he spells his name with an exclamation mark), who uses old 19th century woodcuts and makes hilarious comics from them. The humour is sharp and laugh-out-loud funny.


Optipess is an often wordless 3 or 4-panel comic strip drawn by Kristian Nygård of Norway. The humour is delightfully off-beat and often comes at you from unexpected angles.

The Gentleman's Armchair

The Gentleman's Armchair is a sharp-witted, simply drawn strip by Wes Hotchkiss that updates twice a week about relationships, science, space and everything in between. This strip is addictive and always leaves me wanting more.

My Cardboard Life

My Cardboard Life is a brilliantly creative strip. Philippa Rice creates each panel of each strip by cutting and pasting things like cardboard, bristol board, paper, cloth, canvas and even bandaids! It is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

SpaceBase 8

Although, at the time of this writing, SpaceBase 8 is no longer being updated, David Scott Smith still has a wonderful archive of retro-looking strips going back to 2009! That'll keep you busy for a while!